3 Branding Strategies you can use in Your Business to Stand Out and Lead with Your Rebel Spirit

Times Square

Times Square is like the screaming websites and social media so how do you Stand Out?

Branding in its simplest form is a story. A story about you and what matters to you and your business and having all the communication align; the visuals and the words. When you can do that you have a powerful brand one that people want to follow.

A Brilliant Brand is one that captures you at your core and expresses your essence. It make your business like no one else’s because there is no one like YOU.

There are 3 things that successful brands do to stand out and get noticed amongst one billion websites and you can use these strategies in your business to do it too.

  1. Be Fresh, Being Real: Be unapologetically you. If you are quirky, be quirky. If you are a techno-geek, super serious or a fruit-cake just be yourself. You can be any of those things and still have a professional business.

As an example, I want to show you what one of my clients, Dr. Kate Siner (KateSiner.com) did on her website. We created for her a bio-timeline that gives real events in her life and how they informed who she really is, a Maverick Leader.

Kate Siner Timeline

This is letting you into Kate’s not so perfect life and why she has was born to do the work she is doing.

Here’s another example of being fresh and real from my friends at Swoogo (Swoogo.com). It’s funny and conversational. They do this on their entire site in such a way that I was laughing the whole time and thought “I want to know these guys”. Hey wait, I do know them!Swogo.com WebsiteSo could you be more yourself, show more of who you really are in your business? People buy from people they can relate to…it’s the old know, like and trust factor.

  1. Be Transparent: By that I mean let people in on why you run you business the way that you do. Why you are making the choices you make. Tell us your story.

Here’s what the folks at Swoogo have to say…

  1. Don’t be afraid to Brag or Ask for the Sale: If you don’t tell people how awesome you are or your products or services no one will know. I don’t mean be pushy but I don’t mean hiding out either.

Here are a couple of paragraphs from my about page that give the vibe and say it all…

Ann Bennett About Page Copy

And on some websites they actually say “hey, buy some of our cool stuff”. Look for these “ask for the sale strategies” the next time you are on a virtual spree doing some shopping therapy. I know you know what I am talkin’ about.

So think about which one of these strategies you can apply to your business right now?

Pick the one that will really pump up your Stand Out and Be Noticed Factor, taking your brand from bland to brilliant… And just do it!

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  • I agree 100% with your fresh and “simple” approach to branding – most communicators tend to overcomplicate things with unnecessary theory. At the other extreme there are those – especially signage companies – who “preach” branding when what they are really talking about is slapping down a logo on something physical.
    Your clients are lucky to have someone like you.

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