The 3 Biggest ways to Fascinate, Stand Out and be Memorable with Your Brand

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The 3 Biggest ways to Fascinate, Stand Out and be Memorable with Your Brand

Once you get clear about your personality brand you can begin to BE it and live it.

When you’re out in the public eye there are 3 simple things you can do to Stand Out.

Think about it…if you are going to a party and they are all wearing “the little black dress” wear RED. I was at an event of a lot of holistic woo woo yoga types so I choose to wear a suit… Armani, of course. It was a Stand Out and caused many of them to come over and talk to me and for sure the rest of them in their flowing long skirts SAW ME.

“Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About”—Bonnie Raitt

Artist do this really well when they understand brand. Julian Schnabel (famous painter in NYC in the 80’s) used to go to art openings in a suit. 

He stood out like a sore thumb in the gallery with the artists with their ripped T-shirts and jeans.

#1 How You Look

Your sense of style and your physical appearance are the first thing people notice. Oh yeah, we judge. If you’re not careful you can undermine your credibility. I am not saying be “normal or the good girl” However you can use your appearance consciously to attract or repel. If you have a sense of humor try adding a silly specialty hat or put a scarf on, dark glasses aka Audrey Hepburn. I guarantee people will be curious and be talking about you.

#2 How You Show Up

Enthusiasm is contagious. Your personality and energy are memorable (or not). Remember you are making an impression with your energy, connected and grounded stressed and scattered, confident or uncertain and confused.

I am always amazed that people don’t get this, really. “Straighten up and fly right” one of my Dads favorite saying.

Recently sharing at the mic in front of 300 people Larry Winget said, “Why would you tell us that? Now we think it’s true and you are going to have to prove it isn’t”. At first I was taken aback. I was embarrassed but He was right. People don’t need to know you are nervous or don’t have your sh*t together. They don’t know unless you tell them. Watch what comes out of your mouth. Words are powerful and language creates.

You never know who is listening in on your one on one conversation either or how what you are sharing will affect them. People want to be around happy passionate people. So what energy or feeling do you want to project?

#3 What You Give Away

Yeah we are visual, for sure and it matters. How many times have you been at an event or networking and someone handed you a business card from Vistaprint that said Vistaprint right on it! OMG. The trust and credibly meter when off…ding, ding, ding. However when you get an awesome card it Stands Out with a great photo, emotion, feeling color, graphics a head whippin’ hook and evocative Head shot; UNFORGETTABLE.

If they take a long look at your card, flip it over in their hands and make a comment, you’ve just become FASCINATING. If you are looking for something more notable try handing a well designed branded bookmark, stickers with your head whippin’ hook or tagline, pins or wristbands. Get creative, people.

Why is branding so important? It’s the language of FEELING and in a society that is information rich and time poor, people value feeling more than information.

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