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How to be 10x More Productive Without Killing Yourself

How to be 10x More Productive Without Killing Yourself

So what did I do, but dig in, and go for it. The Power of “No” has always been like nitro fuel to my dreams. I started Grinding to the best of my ability. However, three years into it, I was an anxious mess and wanted to quit. My friends kept saying relax, have more fun, more play time, and I was determined to get-her-done or die trying.

What I learned was that pushing harder, aka grinding it out, was not giving me what I wanted. It was quite the opposite. I was still overworking, had more clutter, still not enough money and still single and getting fat (ugh). What kind of Life is that!?

This was not what I signed up for.

“It’s Common Sense, but not Common Practice”

—Brendon Burchard

Here is the list of Best Practices of Highly Successful people that Brendon Burchard taught me at High Performance Academy. This is truly how to be 10x more productive.

  1. Every 50 minutes (no more than 90) of focused work, push back and take a 10 min. break (set a timer for 10 mins)
  2. Three meals a day (green shake for breakfast or snack) / Eat 80% Greens and One Plate of food
  3. Exercise 4 to 5 times a week: Endurance and Cardio
  4. 6 liters of water a day
  5. 6-7 walks a week
  6. 7-9 hours of sleep

These are the exact practices over time that build up your focus and brain power to truly feel good and bring back some fun. You’ll be able to run at a high performance, consistently over time. Not to mention, you can enjoy the journey!

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