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10 Words You Should Never Use to Describe Yourself. Really?

10 Words You Should Never Use to Describe Yourself

Recently I came across this article on the web from an executive recruiter who writes a blog called “The Savage Truth”. He has the top blog for executive recruiters. Judging by Greg’s list I can see that an executive recruiter would never be interested in me – of course that is probably not news to any of you.

I use Audacious Branding and marketing tactics to get my clients noticed and get known in their fields and distinguish themselves from other people. Although there are a couple of Greg’s suggestions that even this unapologetic girl agrees with.


 The world according to Greg Savage:

1. Guru, Legend, Maven, Ninja: It’s ok if other people call you that, but you should not say it about yourself. People will write you off.

Audacious Truth: Use overly exaggerated words like Guru, Legend, Maven, and Ninja to stop people and cause a buzz. Be so wild that people are curious or repelled. The ones that write you off are not your clients.

2. Expert: Not as bad as the first group, but you have gone too big.

Audacious Truth: Go BIG Carrie Wilkerson says, “To every third grader a fourth grader is God.” According to Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Some of you probably are experts but would never even think of telling someone that you are.

3. Humble: Just saying it, you are not.

Audacious Truth: Being humble is being invisible. Is Madonna humble?

4. Generous: You may be. So don’t say it. Live it.

Audacious Truth: Most women in the helping professions are overly generous and have no boundaries. We need to point out we are generous to those ungrateful clients who don’t seem to “get it”.

5. Honest: If you have to say it, it’s clear you think it’s a ‘special talent’. We view it as a given. Do you have to work at it, we wonder?

Audacious Truth: In this day and age it is an anomaly and should not be assumed.

6. Rock-star: Oh, heaven help us! (Unless you are, in fact, a rock-star, but we doubt that)

Audacious Truth: Some of us are rock stars in the way we stand out and shine. Being confidant and unabashedly yourself is smart branding. Confidence makes a woman super sexy and magnetic.

7. Nice guy: No seriously, you are announcing you are a ‘nice guy’? Surely that is the ultimate accolade that has to be bestowed by others. Narcissistic, much?

Audacious Truth: Being liked is a major stumbling block for most women building a business. I say get down with your bad self and raise the bitch bar! If you are nice don’t tell anyone. (Agree but for different reason.)

8. Exceptional: Too big. Too much. Too bad.

Audacious Truth: Just daring to be an entrepreneur makes you crazy, brave and exceptional in anybody’s book. Especially those of us out here doing it!

9. Funny: Pretty much every person I have ever met who describes him or herself as ‘funny’… isn’t.

Audacious Truth: That’s sooo not funny! (Definitely agree on this one.)

10. Visionary: Just (don’t) do it.

Audacious Truth: People who are out to make a big difference in the world – like most of the women entrepreneurs I know – live a life that is creative and are unruly enough to usher in a new way of doing and being that upsets the status quo. They truly are visionaries!  G’head yo, say it like you mean it!

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