10 Things Your Website Needs If You want to Attract Wealthy Customers

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10 Things Your Website Needs If You want to Attract Wealthy Customers

Sure your website or your company website should provide valuable, relevant information. But first and foremost it has gotta represent YOU. Your values and what you stand for, deeply care about and what you do that forwards the conversation and solves their BFP (Big Freakin’ Problem). Many of you are still using your website and company websites as glorified brochures that are just sitting there doing bup. Really? Your websites need to be DYNAMIC, PERSONALITY -DRIVEN, MULIMEDIA  sites. Why? Because there are 3,231,593,391 (and counting) users on the internet and your ideal clients need to be able to find YOU. Plus guest how many freakin’ websites there are out there: A staggering 180,000,000. That just blows my hair back! The bottomline:

Brand Brilliantly, Market like Madonna, Profit like a Rock Star

Here’ the 10 must do’s:

1. Personality (and lots of it)

Most affluent buyers are not hunting for more information or in-depth product knowledge (for that we all have The Google). They’re searching for the influencers, go-to experts they can trust to support, advise and help them make the best decisions and have the fastest, easiest solutions to their problems. The problem is not that you are not smart enough, pretty enough, work hard enough. The Problem is…


To create your Brilliant Brand you gotta have cool, uniquely you photographs ie. brand expressive photos. And all of your images need to re-present your brand. Visual alignment when it’s not aligned can kill you. That goes for all for communications, writing and videos too. That I your connection to your customers and clients. Together they all solidify a desire and belief that you’re THE ONE. You’re the one person that is going to make their life easier.

2. Credibility

When dealing with the affluent market, you can’t have a website that displays you as the stereotype sleaze-ball salesman. Besides most of you are in the business of change and transformation so the old school ways of traditional marketing and sales just don’t work for you. So stop following what the big gurus are teaching you. Credibility is the leading factor for people trusting you. That you can solve their BFP (Big Freakin’ Problem). When you can correctly display logos from media appearances, trade associations and achievement awards that brings immediate attention, awareness and validation to you and your business.

3. Testimonials

These powerful third-party endorsements help make you REAL. Social proof is the most valuable qualifier. Why? Because it’s what they say, the results they got from working with you that really matters. Wikipedia defines social proof as “a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to effect correct behavior for a given situation.” Thanks Wiki…Basically people listen to each other to determine if your service is right for them. Audacious Tip: The best testimonials use real names and photos of the client. If you can’t do that ask if you can at least say what their business is even if it’s  single working mother with 3 kids. We want to know they are not just initials but are REAL. If you can get a video testimonial that is the Golden Ticket.

4. Lead Capture with Auto Responders

When people finally find or stumble upon your website you need to engage them in 3 seconds or they leave and never come back. Not because you are not what they are looking for but how many times have you bookmarked an article, video or website to revisit and months later you haven’t given it another thought, right? So Here’s the Deal: It’s not enough to get them over to your site it’s critical that once they land you must fascinate and trigger them to want your free offer (the Freebee). Like have to have it Right Now! You give them something of value that is relevant to them and will solve a specific need quickly and easily. When I work with clients we dive deeply into the free offer and how to make it so compelling it’s simply irresistible to your ideal clients. You have got to move them to take an action, like downloading your free offer so they leave their valuable contact information and not bogus crap. Why? Because when they get value from you they will want more. And you will be able to stay in touch with them and build a relationship of Trust.

5. Keywords and targeted Metadata

Know your keywords and put them into your meta data. You can do some of this yourself however the best results usually come from hiring an SEO person to really rock it out. But you can get familiar with your key words and how they work by checking out Google’s free Keyword Tool that will help you discover the keywords that your peeps are searching for and the amount of competition for those keyword. Ideally use keywords with high traffic, low competitions. Audacious Tip: A good place to start is to see what the industry leaders in your field are using for their keywords. You can do this by going over the their website and seeing what they have posted as their keywords, it’s that easy.

6. WordPress

By now if you are not on the WordPress template site where the hell have you been? WTF. So get your ass to WordPress (link to wordpress.org). asap. These templates are built for search engine optimization (SEO) and are upgraded and updated all the time with the latest widgets (if you buy a template so don’t get a free one). They also have simple plugins for anything you need that will enhance your site. Audacious Tip: Our current Rock Star Rav is Salient Theme but you can check out the top 10 most popular WordPress themes at Colorlib.com

7. Current and Relevant Content

This is very important for two reasons. First, If you don’t post consistently or maybe you only post once in a blue moon the search engines have no reason to continually come back to you site which means your ranking will suck. Secondly, if people do visit your site and see that you haven’t bothered to post since 1999 they are going to bolt. Why? Cuz your stuff is stale. And all that is going through their heads is you are OUT DATED and RELEVANT. Blogs that get the most attention are talking about the current climate in their industry, mentioning how they can help solve that problem and then providing a Call to Action (CTA).

You Can’t Have Stale Stuff

8. Call to Action

Good content with no call to action will be just as lame/unsuccessful as a website with no content. The whole point is to get your visitors to take some kind of action. Most people need their visitors to set up a consultation or buy a product. Your calls to actions should be a no barrier offer a first step connected to a gotta have freebee ebook, special report, checklist. It could look something like this: Ready to take the first step in building a successful business? Download this FREE Special report 10 keys to Creating the Business and life You Love, now! Remember it’s all about building a relationship so it’s crucial to capture people’s information so you can stay in touch and be top of mind when they are ready to buy. Most people one first encounter are not ready to buy so your job is to offer value and become their trusted advisor ie. The person whose emails they can’t wait to open.

9. RSS feeds and Social Bookmarking Icons

Both of these allow people to further engage with your content and your website. With the RSS feed if they sign up to get it, everytime you post that will automatically get it in their inbox. Totally Coolio. With Social Bookmarking they can save links to sites that they like. Different than private bookmarks that on only on their private computer, social bookmarks are public, so easy to share which allow others to promote content to their friends that they like and rave about you.

10. Social media Icons

You’ve seen ‘um…Use them. These cute icons allow people to connect with you socially. Will all of them want to be your FRIEND on Facebook? Probably not. However some will and so it’s great to give them the option. Again it’s a way for them to get to know you and make deeper connections.

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